Thursday, October 7, 2010


Okay, so I was completely wrong, seems as though I should have contacted 1 of my cohorts in crime before posting yesterday. Adrienne and Denise decided to postpone the meeting until next Thursday, not today!!! So, the next meeting will be next Thursday, 10/14/10, at 6:00pm at Adrienne's place. I'm glad to hear this, not because I don't want to see you beautiful ladies, but because I wasn't sure I would be able to make it again this week. I have a Dr's appointment today at 3:15, and it usually takes at least 2 hours at this particular Dr.'s office, so getting done around 5:30, to rush home, grab the girls and make myself look pretty for you ladies would have been pushing it...and then my hubby plays football at 8 this evening. So, I said all of that to say, I'm glad that I will FINALLY be able to see all my Strength and Beauty ladies NEXT Thursday at Adrienne's house. Please continue to pray for each other and we'll try to update more often. Have a Blessed Day!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's been far too long

Hi ladies,

This is just a quick update. As far as I know, we are planning on having a meeting tomorrow evening. It will be at Adrienne's house again (this is where it all began :). If I'm not mistaken, we will start at 6:00...maybe 6:30...I'll get clarification and correct it. Please come prepared to be encouraged and be an encouragement to other ladies that might need the encouragement from you. No matter what the struggles you've faced, no matter the gains or losses, the Lord is with each of us. I'm the first to admit that life has gotten to me in the weeks since our last meeting. Some things have come up and the healthy living has been...well, non-existent for me. I know that others have lost and some have made huge decisions for their families. I can't wait to see what awaits us tomorrow evening. Please plan to join us and have a nice nutritious snack along with encouragement from God's Word. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prayer Requests from the S&B meeting on 09/02

"Guest Speaker" Brenda Weidel - Jaden Boncler: baby born at 26 weeks in June and has finally reached 5 pounds, but still has a lot of "growing" to do.
Angie Jenkins: a friend with stage 4 liver cancer (given a few weeks to live)
Melody Kehres - "PRAISE" - changing habits: in diet, and hoping to add exercise soon...lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. WooHoo!!!
"PRAYER" Sergeant Martinez - Bill's co-worker (boss), praying for salvation
and Bill's opportunity to be a good testimony to him
Katrina Barrilleaux - "PRAISE" - Cleaning out the house, she's been drinking more water (no
soda), Been making meal plans and using them all month, making more things
from scratch (less preservatives).
"PRAYER" - just started homeschooling, praying for definition between being a
teacher and mom.
- Selling her '68 mustang
Christy Yapp - A little bit of arthritis (on new pills for this) and High Cholesterol (Please pray
for this to go down), Motivation to exercise (either at the gym or at home
with videos...just the motivation to do it).
Unspoken request
Her oldest son is paying his way through Lancaster Baptist School and his
savings has been depleted...needs a job soon (only needs $285/month)
Adrienne Osuna -
Davey is trying to sell his truck
She needs a wet suit for her triathlon in a few weeks
Going to Ohio in 1 week (looking at a church there) Calvary Baptist Church
Denise McFarland - Going to San Diego this weekend for a cousin's wedding, pray for
travelling mercies and no car problems. Also, need a new tire for van,
praying for a good price on a good tire.
Praying for healthy food while they are travelling and while they're away
Jocelyn Pethtel - motivation to get back to calorie counting
Daily devotions and needing/wanting a better relationship with God,
Having really bad kidney and back problems (had a bad problem after
our meeting tonight...please pray)

If you have anything to add to our prayer list, please let us know either in email or in a comment on this blog. Let's encourage each other by praying for each other.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Meeting 9/2/10

Hi everyone! Well we have another meeting coming up this Thursday at 6:30 PM at Mrs. Yapp's house. 45405 Stadium Ln. Off of 35Th East and Ave I. Going East on I turn Left on 35th, 1st right Cooperstown Ave, 1st left H14 curves to the right onto Stadium Lane, about 1/2 way down on left. 2 American flags on the garage.
We will be having Jocelyn's Mom do the devotion and I will be bringing the snacks. HMMMMMM what am I bringing? It's a surprise. ;)
I have been enjoying the devotional book "Giving Christ First Place". It has reminded me to meditate on Matthew 6:33 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you." I have been applying this to weight loss, as in, if I obey God and seek Him, he will bless my weight loss and take care of time issues, dinner, clothes, everything. It has been a blessing to me.
Yesterday in Sunday School, my teacher's lesson blew away in the wind. He did a lesson with out notes, just what the Lord laid on his heart. It was about determination and not giving place to our flesh. It spoke to me spiritually as well as physically. I thought it related so much to doing a triathlon. I was encouraged to remember not to give up when it's really hard.
Hope you are all doing well, and I hope to see more ladies there this Thursday.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Looking Through Dirty Windows

Sometimes life can be scary…especially if you don’t know what is around the corner. I think that is one of the things that people are most anxious about when dieting. They don’t know what is around the corner. Am I going to gain a pound this week or am I going to lose inches??? The list of worries and anxieties goes on and on. I think the thing I’m most excited but anxious about is…I want to know what I’m going to look like once I’ve reached my goal weight. If you’re like me…you’ve been at the weight you are for a long time and you just don’t remember what you looked like when you were 50 pounds lighter. I can’t even remember if I’ve ever been skinny. It’s just scary at times. Also, the thought that I’m sure runs through every woman’s head…if I lose too much weight, I’ll have to buy a whole new wardrobe. While this is a nice idea, who has the money to spend on a whole new wardrobe to fit your new body? I know that I don’t. So there are all kinds of fears that we face in dieting. I can’t wait to see what I’m going to look like in a couple of months, once I’ve reached my final destination, but the anxiety and the roller coasters that we ride on the way there, are sometimes more than we can bare. 1 Corinthians 13:12 - For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. Right now, we’re looking through a colored glass. We can’t see the way things are going to be, when all we can see is the way things are now…but eventually, we’ll be face to face with reality. Right now, we only know the part of it…we know what we look like after what we’ve lost right now, but eventually, we’re going to know the whole of it. Once you’ve reached your goal, you will know what you are going to look like…right? Of course, but until then, we only see in part. Remember this verse next time you become anxious for results. God doesn’t want us to have results immediately, he wants us to be patient and wait on Him.

Congratulations to Denise for meeting a goal this morning. We want to help encourage you to meet your next goal of 2 more can do this and you're an inspiration to the rest of us. Knocking out goals quickly and efficiently.
Adrienne is currently training to do another Triathlon, the Lord provided the money, Glory be to God. I know He'll provide for the rest of your needs for the Triathlon as well. Good luck and may the Lord give you strength to finish STRONG. :) Have a good day Ladies!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

And from the Depths

Hi ladies...I pray that this day has seen you well. I feel that I've done an excellent job on my diet today...because I've been sick. hahaha Well, I'm totally excited about the things to come for Strength and Beauty and for this blog, I talked with some friends from Sunday School yesterday also in search of encouragement from other ladies on living a healthier lifestyle. Hoping to see them at our next meeting. I haven't completely worked everything out (and I hope Adrienne and Denise don't mind me spilling the beans), but our next meeting actually happens while my mom is in town. We are planning on having a wonderful devotion from her and a great snack that night as well. We also have some GREAT plans in the works and I cannot wait until we can release more details to everyone about where God is taking our Strength and Beauty efforts. I'm so excited about remodeling the temple of God and I just pray that I will continue to be strong and motivated to keep on this journey until I've met my goals. I hope this all makes sense, and I promise I'll have a better post next time I post, but I wanted to at least get something on here from "me" :)


Friday, August 20, 2010

Excited and planning for a 5k!

Hey ladies!
I am very excited about our new blog here. Hope everyone stays up to date with it. We will be posting the devotions and prayer requests soon.
We were discussing a goal last night... planning for a 5K that we could do together. We don't have to run the whole thing, or any of it if you don't want to! We will stick together. I am looking for prospects in October (don't worry, that IS enough time to train). Who knows if I will even be here since we may be moving soon. Anyone up for one in September? lol ;) So here are a few I found..
Click here to view Race for Cancer Oct. 31
Click here to view Santa Monica 5K Sep. 12
Click here to view Race for Research Nov.7 I almost did this one last year, after seeing the little boy that died of a brain tumor on the video at Leadership 2009. ;(
Click here to see Playa Del Run Sep. 19
So this is just an idea, and if no one wants to do it that's fine! Just wanted you all to see them and let me know your thoughts. Anyone can walk, if you can get out for a walk you can train for a 5k.
Blessings to you all!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hi ladies, welcome to our new Strength And Beauty blog! We just had our second Strength and Beauty meeting tonight, and decided to start a blog to keep everyone up to date, even when they miss a meeting or just need a little extra boost of motivation! Adrienne, Jocelyn, and myself will be posting on this blog (we will sign our posts so you know who is speaking). I just wanted to take a quick moment to introduce the blog to you. 

First, I want to discuss the purpose of our Strength And Beauty group. Strength And Beauty is a Christian ladies' fellowship where we can encourage, support, and discuss healthy living and weight management. If you desire to be fit and healthy, we invite you! We will pray for one another and support each other as friends and sisters in Christ. If you want to lose weight, are losing weight, need to lose weight but don't want to, want to accomplish a physical goal such as a 5k or triathlon, you are all welcome, and bring your friends! We will share healthy recipes and Bible verses that talk about healthy living. We invite every lady from LBC no matter their size! This is about wanting a healthy lifestyle for you, and your family. We are also looking for ladies that have a success story to share with us! Strength and Beauty is a positive group. We will not tear each other down, discourage each other, etc. We are here to help everyone reach their personal goals, no matter what those goals are. Our meetings are held every other Thursday from 6pm-8pm. We have a healthy snack, share our successes and goals, have a devotional, take prayer requests, and pray - and of course chat a bit as well! ;)

Next, I want to discuss the purpose of this blog. This blog is intended to encourage all Christian ladies in leading a healthy lifestyle and reaching their health, fitness, and/or weight goals. We will be posting devotionals, recipes, helpful tips, success stories, prayer requests and answered prayers, and much more. Please check back often to see as we will be adding much more to this blog in the days ahead!

Finally, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to visit our blog and we pray it will be a blessing to you!