Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prayer Requests from the S&B meeting on 09/02

"Guest Speaker" Brenda Weidel - Jaden Boncler: baby born at 26 weeks in June and has finally reached 5 pounds, but still has a lot of "growing" to do.
Angie Jenkins: a friend with stage 4 liver cancer (given a few weeks to live)
Melody Kehres - "PRAISE" - changing habits: in diet, and hoping to add exercise soon...lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks. WooHoo!!!
"PRAYER" Sergeant Martinez - Bill's co-worker (boss), praying for salvation
and Bill's opportunity to be a good testimony to him
Katrina Barrilleaux - "PRAISE" - Cleaning out the house, she's been drinking more water (no
soda), Been making meal plans and using them all month, making more things
from scratch (less preservatives).
"PRAYER" - just started homeschooling, praying for definition between being a
teacher and mom.
- Selling her '68 mustang
Christy Yapp - A little bit of arthritis (on new pills for this) and High Cholesterol (Please pray
for this to go down), Motivation to exercise (either at the gym or at home
with videos...just the motivation to do it).
Unspoken request
Her oldest son is paying his way through Lancaster Baptist School and his
savings has been depleted...needs a job soon (only needs $285/month)
Adrienne Osuna -
Davey is trying to sell his truck
She needs a wet suit for her triathlon in a few weeks
Going to Ohio in 1 week (looking at a church there) Calvary Baptist Church
Denise McFarland - Going to San Diego this weekend for a cousin's wedding, pray for
travelling mercies and no car problems. Also, need a new tire for van,
praying for a good price on a good tire.
Praying for healthy food while they are travelling and while they're away
Jocelyn Pethtel - motivation to get back to calorie counting
Daily devotions and needing/wanting a better relationship with God,
Having really bad kidney and back problems (had a bad problem after
our meeting tonight...please pray)

If you have anything to add to our prayer list, please let us know either in email or in a comment on this blog. Let's encourage each other by praying for each other.


  1. I'll be praying for these. Thanks for posting them Jocelyn. :) Hope your feeling better.

  2. Praying, thanks for posting Jocelyn! What happened, are you okay?

  3. I gave this blog an award!! Someone come get it from my blog. :)

  4. We got a new tire (not used, they didn't have any used ones) for only $50! :) They gave it to us for like half off because they didn't have the right kind of used tire we needed. :) Praise the Lord!

  5. Whoo hoo!! That's awesome!! PTL!

  6. Thank you for posting a prayer request regarding my son, Jaden Boncler. He was born in June actually at 25 weeks after my water broke at 17 weeks. He was in the NICU for 5 months, but is now at home and thriving!! Thank you again for the prayers...we know that is why he is here!!