Monday, August 23, 2010

And from the Depths

Hi ladies...I pray that this day has seen you well. I feel that I've done an excellent job on my diet today...because I've been sick. hahaha Well, I'm totally excited about the things to come for Strength and Beauty and for this blog, I talked with some friends from Sunday School yesterday also in search of encouragement from other ladies on living a healthier lifestyle. Hoping to see them at our next meeting. I haven't completely worked everything out (and I hope Adrienne and Denise don't mind me spilling the beans), but our next meeting actually happens while my mom is in town. We are planning on having a wonderful devotion from her and a great snack that night as well. We also have some GREAT plans in the works and I cannot wait until we can release more details to everyone about where God is taking our Strength and Beauty efforts. I'm so excited about remodeling the temple of God and I just pray that I will continue to be strong and motivated to keep on this journey until I've met my goals. I hope this all makes sense, and I promise I'll have a better post next time I post, but I wanted to at least get something on here from "me" :)


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