Friday, August 20, 2010

Excited and planning for a 5k!

Hey ladies!
I am very excited about our new blog here. Hope everyone stays up to date with it. We will be posting the devotions and prayer requests soon.
We were discussing a goal last night... planning for a 5K that we could do together. We don't have to run the whole thing, or any of it if you don't want to! We will stick together. I am looking for prospects in October (don't worry, that IS enough time to train). Who knows if I will even be here since we may be moving soon. Anyone up for one in September? lol ;) So here are a few I found..
Click here to view Race for Cancer Oct. 31
Click here to view Santa Monica 5K Sep. 12
Click here to view Race for Research Nov.7 I almost did this one last year, after seeing the little boy that died of a brain tumor on the video at Leadership 2009. ;(
Click here to see Playa Del Run Sep. 19
So this is just an idea, and if no one wants to do it that's fine! Just wanted you all to see them and let me know your thoughts. Anyone can walk, if you can get out for a walk you can train for a 5k.
Blessings to you all!


  1. Hey Adrienne...I like all the fun things you added to the page. I also want to thank you for researching the 5k possibilities...can't wait until we can (hopefully) all walk together for a common purpose. :) I appreciate all you did to help get our page up and running. I'll try to post tomorrow. =)

  2. Your welcome! Hope we get to walk together too! xoxo